New To New York? Let Us Show You Around

Are you visiting New York for the first time and have no idea where to go and what to see? Do you have no one with you who could guide you and take you places? Well, you are in luck. With Silver Start Limousine, we will not just take you around New York, we will do so in style! Sightseeing and multi day tours are included in the various services that we provide. This means that our chauffeur will take you to see the best places New York has to offer at a highly affordable rate.

Why Hire Us

Our services are anything but ordinary. Once a client hires us, we make sure that we over deliver what they expect from us. Our fleets consist of a wide variety of vehicles that make for excellent and comfortable rides around the city. They are so great that you would not want to get off! Our chauffeur will make sure that they take you exactly where your want to go and give you a tour of the whole of New York, leaving no place behind.

If you are on vacations with your family and friends, then our service can provide you with the perfect entertainment that you will love on this special getaway. From historical monuments to famous clubs, we will show you everything and take your everywhere. You and your friends will definitely have the time of your life with us. Also, if you happen to have a list of places you would like to see, you can share that list with us and we will make it a point to take you to all those places.

What We Offer

We make sure that, no matter what the occasion, our clients have a great time. We offer a fleet ranging from vintage cars to limos, luxury sedans, shuttles, executive cars, and party buses. With such a huge range, we are able to cover a wide variety of events from weddings to parties, proms, corporate events and tour related services. We have one word for you and that is ‘class’. We never compromise on that no matter what. With us, you can see the whole of New York in complete peace and comfort.