Employee Shuttle Service: A Safe & Smart Investment

Employee Shuttle Service – In today’s work environment, business owners seek new and innovative ways to better their employees’ employment satisfaction and overall government compliance.

Invest in Employee Shuttle Services

Employee Shuttle Service Westchester County NYThe evidence is clear across all industries in the New York Metro area: commuter shuttles are not a fleeting trend. Moreover, the incorporation of daily employee shuttle services provides benefits for both the business and the employees:

Government Compliance.

Many state and regional governments require employers to offer Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) programs to reduce Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) commuting to achieve better air quality (AQMD’s Rule 2202). The SOV reduction may become a condition of zoning approval in urban areas.

Transportation Fringe Benefits.

You may also qualify for Transportation Fringe Benefits, a tax-free benefit that saves on both payroll-related and federal income taxes, per the National Center for Transit Research (NCTR). And employers who subsidize at least $30 a month for transit or vanpool fares may meet the National Standard of Excellence under the NCTR’s Best Workplaces for Commuters.

Go Green.

Start with an estimate of your employees’ current carbon footprint, as it relates to your business, with this calculator from Stanford University’s Parking and Transportation Services. Then compare the environmental benefits of vehicle commutes. According to Rideshare.com, the US could save 33M gallons of gas each day by investing in rideshare programs, like employee shuttles.

Incentive for Recruiting & Retention

Offering an employee shuttle service can be an excellent incentive for applicants and existing employees.

Removing the Commute Hardship.

The daily commute can be an obstacle for employees within our service area. By providing a dedicated shuttle service, businesses remove logistical stress for employees:

  • No more worries about not being on time,
  • no need to find personal transportation or replacement transportation if the primary option is unavailable (dead batteries, flat tires, sick driver, etc.)
Increase Morale & Productivity

Shuttle Transportation Service For Employees NYCShuttle service not only ensures the entire team arrives on time, which will increase productivity, but it also allows them to connect to build a more cohesive team.

And in today’s competitive employment market, employers need to do more to show that their employees are essential to the company. By lessening their stress by going the extra mile, employees will feel valued, improving morale and further increasing productivity.

By investing in a daily employee shuttle, businesses build a stronger corporate identity and increase employee satisfaction in the workplace.

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Serving Manhattan, Westchester County, The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens, Silver Star has more than 45 vehicles in our fleet to choose from, and you can design a custom transportation solution. Known for our commitment to safety, exceptional vehicles, and expert staff, we provide more than just a ride.

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Best Employee Shuttle Services

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Commuter shuttles are no fleeting trend; today, companies across all industries see tangible benefits and returns for employers and employees from productivity to retention and morale.

-1- Minimize frustration in your team members – Increased employee productivity & general morale.

-2- Remove the personal logistical stress of travel for your team.

-3- Employees won’t have to worry about being on time

-4- Remove the stress of finding personal transportation

-5- Give your team members the chance to connect

-6- Limit or eliminate the challenge of government compliance

-7- Employee shuttles are an incentive for recruiting and retention

-8- Qualify for IRS non-taxable Fringe Benefits Learn more from the National Center for Transit Research.

-9- Go green According to rideshare.com, the U.S. could save 33 million gallons of gas each day if the average commuting vehicle carried just one additional person.


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