University Shuttle Transportation Manhattan & Campus Solutions

University Shuttle Transportation Manhattan

University Shuttle Transportation Manhattan – We provide Manhattan Metro Colleges and Universities with convenient and dependable campus transportation solutions.

We make it easy to establish comprehensive transportation for your community to get to and from campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Having a busy, bustling campus in Manhattan comes with as many challenges as opportunities. Today, many schools have sprawling campuses with scattered buildings and dorms. Together we can establish looped- routes that will bring your students to and from your busiest buildings, subway stations, popular destinations, and travel hubs like Union Square, Grand Central Station, and the Ferries for commuters and guests.

  • Run Shuttle & Transportation Service For University students, staff, and campus visitors.
  • Promote public transit by linking train, subway hubs
  • Reduce on-campus parking needs
  • Ease campus and city traffic
  • Increase ADA mobility options

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Serving all your campus transportation needs: On and Off Campus Shuttles, Park & Ride Pick-ups and More in Manhattan

University Shuttle & Campus Transportation Solutions Manhattan
Manhattan College Athletics

Is your college or university looking to add an intracampus transportation solution for students and staff?

Silver Star Transportation has the experience and resources needed to provide a safe, equitable, and complete solution; we have experience working with many of the better-known colleges and universities here in the New York Metropolitan area.

We make the establishment and ongoing operation of a comprehensive campus shuttle service simple. 

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Shuttle Service for Students

We can help organize a custom transportation solution or establish several university shuttle routes for your campus.

We invite you to contact our team directly  Silver Star Transportation Concierge will help with the logistics and coordination details; while helping to identify the safest, most practical, and fun way to get your students and campus visitors where they need to go.

University Shuttle Transportation Manhattan

We offer branded buses for daily on-campus and off-campus shuttles, sports team travel, and special event transportation for student organizations and trips.

University Shuttle Transportation Manhattan & Campus Shuttle Service

University & Campus Shuttle Service Manhattan

Silver Star is an experienced transportation partner ready to help metro-area colleges and universities organize and implement campus transit solutions that are safe, convenient, and economical.

NYC Shuttle Bus Service

Silver Star Transportation has provided the metropolitan scholastic and higher education community with personalized University transport and campus travel solutions for three generations. Our history and expertise, along with our wide-ranging fleet of vehicles, means we can deliver to you the very best ground travel solutions available anywhere.  

Our team is ready to provide your campus with a comprehensive fleet of vehicles. Each vehicle driven by Silver Star’s experienced staff drivers comes standard with every modern creature comfort.

  • Transporting students, employees or campus guests between buildings, or campuses.
  • Moving students and guests to and between dorms, classroom buildings, transportation hubs, event spaces, and athletic fields.
  • Commuter shuttles for students arriving at Metro-North stations or subways and transporting them to campus, and back.
  • Short distance-time structured shuttles to and from local towns or city centers.
  • Regularly scheduled campus transport between multiple campuses or buildings.


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