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Why Silver Star?

New York Limousine Rental

For more than three decades, Silver Star has been providing the Metropolitan area unsurpassed ground transportation. Known for our impeccable commitment to safety, exceptional vehicles, and expert staff, we provide our customers more than just a ride, we guarantee a comprehensive, full service,  transportation solution.

We offer our clients peace of mind, from your initial contact booking, through the day of service, you’ll have one single point of contact.

  • Choose from our extensive fleet of 45+ vehicles
  • Design and build your own custom transportation solution

Ride in confidence, knowing that all of our drivers are carefully screened, experienced professionals, trained to offer unparalleled attention and hospitality. Proudly serving Manhattan, Westchester County, The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Happy Customers

Make a reservation, request a quote or get in touch with one of our transportation experts

Call 18006402782 for Limousine Rental in New York
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